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"A collision of genres, Sam Doll’s sound is enigmati - drawing on numerous influences from rock to pop and grunge."

Purple Melon Magazine





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Sam Doll is a songwriter and musician from Toronto, ON, who utilizes the skills garnered from her U of T Writing and Rhetoric degree to make a unique blend of genres described as, "dark grunge pop songs” about her idiot ex boyfriends.

Always having a love for music, Sam entered the industry by way of internships at various Canadian music companies, before landing a job as a Booking Administrator at The Feldman Agency. It was during this time Sam began to grow wildly jealous of the acts she was booking, and therefore decided to quit her corporate job to join the artistic party that was the Toronto Indie music scene. She recorded music out of her apartment in Toronto, and in 2017, self-released her debut EP, Loserdrunk. The release was well-received within the independent music scene in Toronto. Sam went on to quit her job and spend the year “building her name” via sold out shows in the city, and a social media persona that (hopefully) champions individuality, artistry, and confidence.

Sam has recently completed her follow up EP to Loserdrunk, which will be released in late 2019. Her musical influences include (in no particular order): her loser exes, Alice Cooper, Lana Del Rey, Hole, Joy Division, Lady Gaga, Bruce Springsteen, Lorde, Led Zeppelin, Chris Isaak. Obviously, there are many more but this bio was running a little long.




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